Beautiful Wisp Free Ballet Bun Guide

What you need

– Hair brush

– Hair bands (hair colour)

– Bobby pins (hair coloured)

– Bun pins (hair coloured)

– Hairspray

– Hair gel

– Bun net (hair coloured)

1) Brush the hair into a tight high pony tail, use a comb to smooth out all the kinks.

2)tightly secure with a hair band.

3)starting at the base of the pony tail twist the hair tightly as you twist it should nautrally form a circle round the hair band. if not you can incourage it round with you hands.

4) keep twisting until the intire pony tail is twisted into a bun. the end of the pony tail can be tucked under the bun to form a smooth bun.

5) secure with a hair tie or two.

6) wrap the bun net over the bun. (sometimes bun nets can be huge so dont worry if you need double them over)

7) use your hand like a claw around the ponytail pressing down to flatten the bun to the dancers head.

8)use your fingers of the claw like a guide for wear to put the bun pins not forgeting to do secure the bottom of the bun too.

9) hair spray the bun liberally

10) use hair gel to slick back any fly aways and fringes

11) then use bobby pins to secure any fly aways and fringes

DADAR!! The perfect bun πŸ™‚

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