Benefits Of A Little Stars Dance Class

Dance is amazing fun but it also improve and builds emotion, physical & cognitive skills.


Children Learn From Physical And Sensory Experiences.

Our dance classes are designed around Key physical skills such as Balance, transference of weight, jumping, lifting, Bending and stretching. With each dance have a matching prop and character to add a creative and sensory element to each dance.

Such as we have a froggy dance to strengthen the legs and promote control when jumping. They also have to figure out how to put the head band on and what way the eyes face, this improves cognitive recognition and increase dexterity.

“Action is the test of comprehension” John Dewey

Dance Is Inclusive.

No matter who you are, where your from, How old you are, Dance units us all! Dance creates a great opportunity to meet new people develop social skills and make friends! Many of whom they will start primary school with, Taking the edge out of what can be a really scary step in a child’s life.

Dance is for everyone! Don’t believe me look at this cutie!

Improves Academic Performance.

Dance requires discipline and focus translating to being able to focus longer in class and solve problems. A recent Harvard study found those that participate in dance classes achieved higher results on there SATS tests.

And Best Of All They Develop These Skills Without Even Realising It Because It’s Fun!!

Join our dance family today and lets learn, create and grow together! Get in touch with us at 07896244173 &

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