Dancing with Daddy

Wow what an amazing week we have had at Up In Lights Dance Academy! To celebrate Fathers day we invited all our amazing dance dads, a few dance mums and even a grandad, to join us for class this week.

My goal with this class was to create a fun environment were dads and dancers can dance together and make memories! We created dances that dads and dancers could do together so there focus was on each other πŸ™‚

We started with a craft in our sparklers and shooting stars class so everyone could relax and get to know each other. We made heart keyring’s. Dads made one and so did dancers so they can switch and give them to each other! It was adorable and we had some super sweet messages put on there key rings too.

“Chloe seriously loved this (and so did Kevin). They showed me one of the dances when they got home and Chloe said her keyring is so precious to her 😍”

We then warmed up together and showed our dads some of our corner exercises such as skips, kicks, gallops and turns. We then learnt two short routines.Β 

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In Tiptree Sparklers we learnt, hound dog and I wanna be like you! Heybridge and Maldon learnt you’ve got a friend with me and I wanna be like you!

Shooting stars Tiptree we learnt dance like your daddy and isn’t she lovely! Maldon shooting stars learn crazy little thing called love!

We chose the happiest songs with cute messages and a simple beat so they were easy to follow and they could focus on spending time together and having fun!


I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to everyone who made an effort to join us. To everyone who got off work early, used there holiday or came straight from a night shift to dance with us, I can’t thank you enough. We had the best time and it was so special to see you all dancing together πŸ’–


Lauren x

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